Trail running and the spirit of progress

Welcome to Parklands Albury Wodonga Events | Riverina Trails 

I am extremely excited to take on the role as 'Events Ranger' with Parkland Albury Wodonga (PAW).  PAW has drawn me in with their commitment to community, environment and sustainability - to me these are motivating values and something I wish to learn more about. Something I've learned from the team at PAW, is that those three values are something that can only flow, by one pouring into the other – Like a water wheel - Energy is created. 

I join the team at PAW with the goal to keep putting water into this wheel with Riverina Trails.

2016 will see projects advanced on 2015's Riverina Endurance Trail Running Series, with the goal to as always to activate more trails for training and racing. 

Moving forward, we hope that new projects will heighten the year round participation to the sport of trail running and connecting with nature.


Our projects for 2016 and beyond


Riverina Lightning Trail (Replacing the Fishy Trail Run) 

10km Off Road Race. 

It’s an out and back along the lightning fast Kiewa Track. A great introduction to trail running for the local parkrunner and C2C participant. Opportunities also exists for regional talent to test themselves at ferocious pace, in an attempt to claim an off road speed title. 


June July August.

Riverina Endurance Trail Running Series 

2015 marked an impressive response from both local and interstate competitors. Our 3 brutally spectacular mountain races were tackled by international level athletes as well as first time trail runners and mountaineers. Also with the 30km we saw endurance apprenticeships were commenced, with many only ever going as far as 21km.  

The 2016 series will hold high expectation of participation from both ends of the scale.

Who can experience the hard earned summit views+ the title of hardcore no matter what the completion time?

Will we see great battles for the title of  Mountain Series Champion - Across what we believe to be a collection of three of the toughest courses for their distance in Australia . 


Projects in the works

Riverina Ultra.

With river, mountains, lakes and countryside so beautiful, the Riverina Ultra Project is one to showcase an all in one endurance feat.

Event dates are TBA but expect to visit Mahers, Huon, Hunchy, the Murray River and Albury Ranges. The journey to earning your title as an ultra endurance athlete is staged over 2 days, this poses the opportunity to stake out the endeavor in a 2 day journey or conquer it in a one day raw performance. 


Riverina X Trail Short Courses 

Short fast trail races

Plans are to get runners on the trails more often and experience the best aspects. Expect races to individually feature criterium, single track assaults, summit ascents & descents. 

With simple race logistics, we aim to be able to keep these races as ‘club’ style hit outs with low fees and midweek or weekend potential.

Parklands is committed to a partnership culture contact us if your club or business would like to be involved. Together we do better.


Brendan Murray

Events Ranger

Parklands Albury Wodonga