XC Format a Success

Yesterday saw 20 runners roll up at the Albury Ranges on the break of day to officially found a new trail running | cross country style of racing in the region. 

The crowd of mixed ability tackled the 5.1km course featuring climbing, single track speed and downhill bombing. The beautiful  scenery of  bush tracks and the Reedy Dam were viewed in perfection by the mornings sunrise. 

The aim of the run was to get runners together in a short exciting trail format. Traditionally the ranges are used to complete endurance training runs.  By introducing this format it invited a new zest for the passionate participants of the sport as well as opening up the opportunity to bring beginners to the sport. 

The goals of the XC experiment were certainly met which excites the creation of the next XC race  that will feature in the coming weeks. AM, PM and weekend start times will rotate to open the  opportunity for all interested to give the format a try - Rather than it being restricted to households that can only make a specific timeframe due to work and family priorities. The locations of runs will also vary to introduce runners to local trails they may not be aware of. 

 The course markings will be left up to encourage runners to give the XC track a try at their own leisure. Its an ideal route to run, walk or jog in the lead up to Nail Can as this course features the same 'Steep climb' you will experience on race day for the 11.3km Nail Can Hill Run

Anyone considering tackling this years Riverina Endurance Trail Running Series will also find this a useful starting point for training. 

2 Runners received spot prizes - Free entry to the Riverina Lighning Trail - 10km Off Road Race Which will be held on March 20.


The course markings will be left up to encourage runners to give the XC track a try at their own leisure. 

Tim Goddard, Pete Collier and Lauren Preston completing the 5.1km course.