Uncovering Dust - Introduction

Tales of the Trails - Inspired by the 40th running of the Nail Can Hill Run

Some of us have grown up to be apart of the legendary Nail Can Hill Run. It comes around every year and is the challenge that wakes up the community - Serving a great cause of getting a thousand plus people active and healthy as they condition themselves to the task. 

The Nail Can Hill Run definitely stands as the major catalystfor many locals to pursue a journey in endurance sports, adding to our strong sporting representation here in the Riverina & North East. 

For others they have watched and pondered the idea of ‘What if I could do that?’ 

Some are new to it - Or as I, too youthful to understand fully the great history. 

In a series of journals I will share a few tales gathered from some local legends spanning back to the origin. 

I will aim to investigate local legends, the age buster, course changes

I recently caught up with Norm Mcann who been involved with Nail Can Hill for about 13 years from 1997-2009 

Norm was kind enough to share with me some of the history which includes his knowledge on the people as well as collections of articles, photos and statistics. 

We will look into Norms story in a later journal, highlighting his importance in the life of the NCH as well as looking at some of his own great performances. 

For now we will start with a short tale Norm shared with me dating back to 1977 - The 1st running of the Nail Can Hill Run. Read on to start your history lesson. I hope these journals may inspire you to become apart of the history in 2016. 


Uncovering Dust Part 1  - Just Waiting For A Mate


Train for the Nail Can Hill Run

Riverina Lightning Trail 10km March 20 - A Flat 10km Trail Run along the Kiewa River

Enter the 40th Nail Can Hill

11.3km May 1 2016