Uncovering Dust - Part 1 Just Waiting For A Mate

Tales of the Trails - Inspired by the 40th running of the Nail Can Hill Run


1977 Inaugural Nail Can Hill - Just waiting for a mate 

In 1977 Peter Harpers Nail Can Hill Run came to life. Peters was a part of the Albury Orienteering Club who’s posse included Lester Sawyer and Geoff Dynan. The AWOC would go on to organise the race up to 2009

98 participants lined up.

The runners were split into 3 categories 



Jaunty Walkers

David Jones was first across the line but the time had to be an estimation.....

In between the dash of starting the race and heading to the race finish area Race Director Peter Harper had stopped to get a gas bottle filled and actually missed David’s finish. 

Peter arrived to find David well recovered and relaxed in his accomplishments. 

You might have heard of a guy by the name of Clive Vogel? Clive ran 2nd in 1977. 

Male and Female Champions 

David Jones - 44:37 

Leonie Hunter - 55:45 


Train for the Nail Can Hill Run

Riverina Lightning Trail 10km March 20 - A Flat 10km Trail Run along the Kiewa River

Enter the 40th Nail Can Hill

11.3km May 1 2016