Uncovering Dust Part 3 - Tim Goddard (Timmy G) Mountain Blood

Tales of the Trails Inspired by the 40th running of the Nail Can Hill Run

Local icon Tim Goddard (Timmy G) will be lining up again this year for his 16th Nail Can Hill Run

The 32 year old local business owner is lesser known for his running endeavours than what he is for his Dean St skate shop 'Timmy G's' which is in its 12th year of business . The super fly character is better recognised by his hat collection, and support of the skateboarding and basketball communities in Albury Wodonga. 

If you are like me, then when you first saw Tim in a pair of trail running shoes you might have been thinking he’s making a brief spurt out on the track to blow off some steam. However I was pleasantly mistaken and a more intriguing tale came in lieu . The tale is that Tim is a Mount Beauty Lad, the mountains are in his blood. 

Tim ran his first Nail Can Hill at 5 years old!  It was an annual family affair for the Goddard's along with other family friends. Tim’s Dad,  Peter was a runner and his mum would walk the 11.3km track.

 “My bro, mum dad, dogs all doing it, and we had other families with kids the same kinda age. We loved it finishing down in Noreiul and we would all hang around there for most the day, having food and drinks and playing afterwards” TG

Tim ran Nail can as a 5,6,7,9 and 10 year old. At 11yrs old Tim won the U/12 category in a time of 54:48. Cheeky lad. See the collection of certificates and trophies pictured. 

Tim would run school cross country carnivals and progress to higher levels. He may well have pursued distance running more seriously back then had a culture / support pathway existed as it does for the popular games of Aussie rules and cricket. 

Tim knocked a few more NCH’s out throughout high school but it was snowboarding and skateboarding at the forefront. 

At 25 Tim was playing footy for Thurgoonga until a wrist and elbow injury put him on the sidelines. A change in sports meant It wasn't for long though. Tim found his running roots again and completed the  2012 Nail Can Hill.

“It was a week or 2 after 2012 Nail Can when I decided to start training for a marathon, I needed another goal and couldn't let Dad have the Marathon thing hanging over us!”

Tim’s Dad ran a couple of Mount Beauty Marathons back when the original event format had the full 42.2km distance. 

Tim accomplished his first marathon in Melbourne's 2012 event with a very impressive 3:27 (Most people strive only to break 4hrs on their 1st go let alone 3:30) . The accomplishment spurred him on to seek further distances and bigger challenges - Trails and mountains, local and international events. The chunkier the challenge the better the taste of achievement, not to mention the opportunity to travel and see great places. From one challenge to the next Timmy G is one tough character and gets it done !

Tim’s best NCH stands at a handy 50:31, we will see that time tumble in years to come as he goes from strength to strength.

The next big fish for Tim is the 75km version of Buffalo Stampede Sky Marathon which boasts a massive 4200m of elevation. 

If your running the 40th Nail Can Hill this year drop in and say G’day to Timmy and grab a tip from his vault of many NCH’s as well as his endurance mountain running experience.

Some of Tim's accomplishments listed and in pictures below. 

Travel pic from Tim's trip to NZ for the Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon. Scenery and rugged terrain was typical of was Tim experienced during the run. 


16 Nail Can Hill Runs - First at 5 years old (88:44), U/12 Champion (54:48), PB 2015 50:31

Melbourne Marathon 42.2km 3:27

Buffalo Stampede Sky Marathon 42km - Elevation 2900m - 7hrs 15min

Surf Coast Marathon 42km - 4hrs 9min

Southern Highlands Ultra Marathon 50km - 4hrs 36mins

Shot Over Moonlight Mountain Marathon New Zealand 42km - 6hrs 39min

Buffalo Stampede 32km- 4 hrs 3min

Melb 1/2 Mara - 1hr 29min

"After just over 6.5hrs of winding around the craziest mountains where your next step could be your last, through forests so pure you swear Gandolph or some Hobbits are just around the corner, waterfalls, climbing ladders, helicopters buzzing around cos there your only way out if shit goes wrong, and 20plus lake crossings, that was the most scenic and technical marathon I have ever done!"

6 Foot Track 45km Ultra Marathon - 4hrs 39 mins.

Auckland Marathon (Road) 3:23

Alpine Challenge 60 km across 2 days. 

Razorback (Mt Feathertop) 22km


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