Podium Profiles - Riverina Lightning Trail - Timothy Gibney

I met Tim for the first time at the Riverina Lightning Trail. Hurtling into the finish was this strong looking runner, posting an incredible 36:19.. Who was this guy? I punched in his Bib No. to record the time and the name 'Gibney' popped up sparking a connection. I had run with Tim's father Paul on a few of the Border Bolters runs and sat with him at a Rotary meeting as well (not really making the connection to 'Paul the runner)'. As Tim's name came up the penny dropped and I realised the pedigree and pondered the fact that Paul probably had an amazing history of achievements I must ask him about. 

Anyway - This profile is about a very wise and talented Timothy Gibney. Grab a coffee and enjoy the read!

1. What are you currently training for - Next big goal?

I used to take running a lot more seriously during high school, until I was subject to a bad dose of glandular fever. Nowadays, I do it to keep fit and healthy. It is a lifestyle choice. Nonetheless I still enjoy competitive running and I hope to put in a solid top 20 performance at Nail Can. However, we will see how that goes - I am from an 800m/1500m background on the track!

2. Biggest / most favourite sporting achievement so far ?

Winning the u17 Victorian Title over 1500m would have to be it. It was extra special as my father Paul, my brother Daniel and my other brother Matt had all previously won the same event.

3. What does a regular week of training look like for you?

Ideally I run 5-6 days a week. I like to do one track session during the week, and then either another track session or a race on the weekend. I would usually do a long run on Sunday and in between, easy jogging or other forms of exercise

4. A quick tip/quote for our runners that helps you keeping progression

 Consistency and knowing that you have to do more than just easy jogging to progress. Whilst the easier stuff is essential, you do need to engage in some form of a 'session' during the week so that you can get your body used to running at a faster pace whilst simultaneously conserving as much energy as possible."Fast & relaxed" - that was what was always drilled into me as a kid. Be careful though, I see many people falling for the trap of pushing their body to these kinds of levels every day, and it is a sure way to burn out and get injured!

5. Favourite session

 400s on the track. I love them.