Podium Profiles - Riverina Lightning Trail - Caellum Crowe

The recent Riverina Lightning Trail Off Road Championship Title was taken out by Caellum Crowe. Caellum also shone at the City 2 City coming in 2nd place on the big stage race. 

I asked  5 questions and got 5 great insights from the Beechworth lad  - Thanks for the words Caellum 

1. What are you currently training for - Next big goal?

I’m currently focusing on the Nail can hill. For me this is the most significant race in the area and to do well is important. Last year I was not far of breaking 40mins, with a few tweaks to my preparation and some favorable weather on the day I’m hoping to achieve the time this year.

2. Biggest / most favourite sporting achievement so far ?

There is the predictable answer of running a marathon, one I hear quite often. This is by all means a big achievement, however for me I’m most proud of my first fun run. It was the 2011 Easter fun run at Beechworth (home town) I’d only been running for 3 months and managed to get around the tough 10k course in 39mins. In shorts that didn’t fit real well and a cotton singlet! 

3. What does a regular week of training look like for you?

Currently I’m running around 110-120ks a week with two sessions. During a taper week this will drop to 80-90ks. For the last 6 months I’ve been following the Daniel’s running formula. The Daniel’s program really suits me as it’s conservative and highly detailed about pace, distance, ect. I’ve suffered some huge burnouts in the past and lost months of training.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are easy runs usually around and hour with one run of 90mins. I also include strides on at least two of these days.

Tuesday I’ll run a rep or interval session depending on stage within training cycle. Reps are made up of 200s and 400s to total around 4kms of work, equal recoveries are taken to keep the quality of work high. Closer to racing I’ll start running some intervals, 1000 or 1200 to total about 8ks or 24mins of work.

Thursday is tempo running to total 10km of work broken up into 6x mile,

3x 3km or 2x 5k. Leaving Sunday for the long run always 2 hours with plenty of rolling hills.

Long run drops to 90mins if racing the proceeding week.

4. A quick tip/quote for our runners that helps you keeping progression

“All it takes, is all you’ve got” 

5. Favourite session

 Tempo running, it’s hard but enjoyable and reaps the best returns.