There's more than meets the eye at Huon Hill

Race 1 of the Riverina Endurance Trail Running Series kicks of this Sunday May 29 10am

You may have heard that Huon Hill is a challenging 13.8 course but its far from a time battle or a simple burden of climb and descend. Huon Hill takes you through  ‘Choose your own adventure’ stories. Starting way a top the summit, the initial charge leads you down the mountain in what feels like a rapid escape. There's a sense of fleeing. This long decent wills you to unleash - Escape to freedom. 

Huon features some single trails that are a runners dream, bringing attention to the task at foot and a feeling of childlike ‘play’ as you sidestep, rock hop and run with flow. 

You’ll emerge from the woods into an open scape that steals your gaze in all directions - Look left to the alpine region, right into the Riverina. Straight ahead look to the aura of where water meets the mountains - Lake Hume in its most stunning aspect. 

The chase begins as adventures hit the 5km of flat section along the Kiewa. A wide and fast jungle floor - Hunt or be hunted - Its your story to choose .. Either way you’ll be carried through on an adrenalin pulse. 

From river to summit is the final haul that need not be rushed but embraced. The summit track will give you a mirage of false peaks and a blur of what might be a sherpa along side you. Every challenged step makes the reward of conquest and adventure find its purist form. 

You could be in the Amazon or Nepal but you’re not ... You are in Albury Wodonga, its right here waiting for you to choose your own adventure.

Race Brief


Course completion

We expect that competitors will complete the course within 3 hours. A combination of jogging and hiking ensures this wont be a problem. Previous events have seen our final competitor complete the course in under 2:30 via jogging/hiking combo. 

Please note that Presentations will begin at 12:15 with respect given to participants crossing the finish line during proceedings.

Online $35 Entries close Friday May 27 - 11PM

Entering online is essential as the timing system must be set up prior to race day.

Entering online also helps participants and volunteers have a smooth race morning - Ensuring we provide every runner with the best experience we possibly can.

Entries on the day $50

An additional fee will be incurred.

All race proceeds go to PARKLANDS ALBURY WODONGA for the sustainability of the Riverina Trails Project

More info on Huon Hill

Check out all the race day details via the Race Brief