Race 2 McFarlanes Hill Wodonga | 5km Training and Exploration Routes

Approaching very fast is Race 2 of the Riverina Endurance Trail Running Series - McFarlanes Hill Wodonga - July 3 - Full course and race details

Whilst the park is best uncovered in the race atmosphere, it is accessible to all with many options to explore short routes. 

Whats unique about this area is its diversity. 


Check out these recommended 5km routes - Full maps and navigation can be found here

Walking Track Circuit - 5km - Access via Ingrams Rd Entry

Right on our doorstep is the opportunity to be running in rainforest like surrounds. Single tracks take you over creeks and which cascade into waterfalls at times of peak rainfall. Running this circuit is a true trail running experience all gathered in only 5km. 




Summit Loop - 5km - Access via Coyles Rd North Entry

A truly rewarding climb of McDonalds Hill (aka Klings Hill) that reveals the most stunning vantage point of Albury Wodonga and beyond into the Riverina. Vast open plains reveal panoramic views that give you an epic sense of freedom. 




Go anywhere - Felltimber Ck Rd MTB Park, Coyles Trail South Entry 

From this point you are only less than 1km away from joining any of the tracks to take you to the summit, the walking track or through the middle paddock where you can choose to trek up and across McFarlanes Hill. 

Don't be afraid to just get on a track and see where it takes you. This park is forgivingto the adventurer because every thing iswithin close vicinity of joining tracks or access points (Civilisation). Leave the fear at home and trek spiritedly.