Race 2 Course Insights

I had a burn across the course yesterday - It was awesome. Such a diverse blend of stimulus and scenery - Its some of the best trail running you'll get anywhere in 18.5km. 

I didn't hold back in the run as I wanted to experience the experience from a competitors perspective - Its nice to be able to relate with you all.  I came across a few thoughts in the midst of pleasure and pain that I thought might be useful for some of you that may be relatively new to the sport of Trail Running. Also if you are new to this wondrous course then there may be a few useful bites. 



Course review

18.5km … It’s a vast step up on first thought … especially when we only just survived the brutal 13.8 at Huon.

Fear is going to play on your mind.

‘Behind every fear is the person you want to become’

The way to think is to put yourself in the moment – Just get into it. Trust yourself to be ‘entertained’ by the ever changing stimuli’s of tracks or gradients. Just keep going

Nutrition – 200ml hand flask Skratch Labs Hydration (The Full Cycle) @ 30-40 mins, 1 gel @ 55-60 mins, Handful of dates @ Scattered from 55 mins – Finish

The first 2km is slightly downhill along Feltimber Ck rd. Don’t be afraid to feel fast hear but do take a deep breath and let your heart relax enough knowing it’s going to be a sustained effort.

The climb up to the walking track is tester… Then you hit the single track and realise your still climbing -  Legs and head are pressurising. It won't tickle. Don’t drop you noggin. Its hard because you are working hard.

 The beauty about this course is that every pinch is met with an equal reprieve. When you start flowing down again it’s like you’re gassed up again and the single track makes you feel like you’re flying.

Today the track was wet and I suspect the nature of that mountain will keep the conditions similar  for Sunday whether we have rain in between or not. (Forecast is pretty dry)

You’ll want to make the most of the flowing singe tracks and down hills through the paddock so get some grip on your feet (The Athletes Foot). Grip and rip. Think instinctively - looking for the best place to plant and drive from – use the edges/rocks. 

Don’t be afraid of mud.

Summit climb. Sometimes all you can do is breath. Don’t look up, just keep sucking down the good gas. Look behind you though, the view is stellar. Depending on the day you might have climbed above the clouds.

In my opinion once you have reached the summit you have broken its back – You’re on the home run.

There’s 2 hard climbs left after this but they are short in comparison to the work you just put under your belt. Heading back into the paddock and up onto McFarlane’s Hill you get that slow defeating feeling again… its really the last hurdle with 4km of mostly downhill to follow.

The rest is magic – Ill let you tune out to my words and find your own on Sunday.

Battle well.

Fortune favours the brave.