5 Reasons why you should run the 'Big 30'

Sitting on the fence or jumped off it entirely? 

The offerings of our 30km Series Finale far outweigh the risks. Come on,  you don't want to die with out any scars. 

Heres 5 things that could swing you back onto Sundays start line. 


1. Personal Achievement

If your having fears and apprehension then thats a good thing. It means you have a desire to overcome inner fears. That desire comes from the ‘want’ to grow and move into a space that is new territory. 

When challenges are faced and overcome, your self esteem is filled and the enlightenment fuels dreaming of new possibilities. Thats what life is about. 

‘Behind every fear is the person you want to become’ 


 2. Running in the bush gets you high. 

After overcoming a few demon climbs and sucking in a weeks supply of oxygen you enter the never never land. You’ll be cascading through paddocks, everything becomes tinged in yellow as if you had the eyes of Lennon looking through retro shades. 

And those snippets of euphoria linger around a good week or so after… Every time you cant get up out of your chair or walk around like a bent nail - your reminded of those moments you were a baddass Trail Runner who knocked down 30 big ones and 1100m of elevation. In fact you simply don't care about any stress - its all subordinate to someone who has smashed up a massive Trail Run. 



3. Respect

Put simply this event is the longest and toughest running event in Albury Wodonga. Put yourself on the start line and you automatically qualify into a very select group locally. This is the one event that speed does not entirely matter. The respect is gained from the courage to take on the endurance challenge. You will be an inspiration to everyone in your sphere. Imagine the effect that could have on someone?

 Runners. On a side note, on this same day Cyclists will take on the ‘Wagga to Albury ‘ a 135km bike race in its 30th year. Its a brutally tough day out. Our cycling community here is bred tough. It certainly gives us something to look up to. We runners have a way to go yet.  The winners roll around in a similar time frame of suffering.  Check out the race history - Notice anyone in the newspaper clip


4. Justify nearly anything. 

Massage - Ran 30km

New running shoes - Ran 30km

New trail running shoes - Ran 30km

Cafe lunch - Ran 30km

Fine dinning experience - Ran 30km

Health food budget increase - Justified - Ran 30km

New compression gear - Ran 30km

Run a longer evert - Ran 30km

New running anything - Ran 30km

Upgrade to the Durif or the craft beer - Ran 30km

Time to watch your favourite movie - Ran 30km

‘Selective hearing/ forgot to do house chores period forgiven by partner - Ran 30km

Im sorry but you will have to wait on me dear, I can’t move - Ran 30km


5. Support events in your local area. 

A good showing on the start line means there is a need and want for bigger and better events in our local area. The ‘next year’ attitude is fair for some who maybe new on the scene but if your undecided but capable then make it about your community. Our region needs any excuse to stay motivated and active in winter - So lets keep it alive for yourself in years to come and the others that will follow your lead. If you cant run it then be apart of the day - competitors and volunteers welcome all supporter energy - Im picturing spectator points like the Tour de France!

See you all on Sunday. It’s going to be a cracker.


Race 3 Information - Includes briefing, entry, course & presentations