Race 2 Report | As The Crowe Flies

A mystic haze covered McFarlanes Hill this morning, setting up mild Winter temperatures perfect for some hard trail blazing. 

Race 2 McFarlanes Hill is 18.5km with 800m Elevation. 

Runners took to the course with a full head of courage as they prepared to hit multiple climbs testing the saturation point.

Pain and pleasure crossed paths with long sections of single trail allowing the legs to reload and go. Scenery on this course is enough alone to give you wings. 

The race precinct buzzed as the hardy returned - Skinned, muddy and faces that earned the feeling of reward. 

Calleum Crowe & Sarah Donges hacked the 2015 CR's

Caellum Crowe 1:27:15 (2016)

Sarah Donges 1:50:28 (2016)

The overall podiums are growing in stature as well as a depth through the field. Runners returning after last years event came with more experienced approach and the times showed. 

Overall Podium


1st Caellum Crowe 1:27:15 CR

2nd Matt Cooper 1:29:49

3rd Mick Donges 1:35:04


1st Sarah Donges 1:50:28 CR

2nd Tara Smith 1:53:05 

3rd Zoe O'Meara 2:00:14

Full Results & Series Standings After Race 2

With 4 weeks until the Series Finale its a perfect test to see who can push on through the winter and claim there name as a 30km & series finisher. Don't forget there is the Clive Vogel Champions Trophy +  cash up for grabs and Age Group Series Champion titles to claim also.