Riverina Endurance Trail Series - all trails are go!!

It is with pleasure the Albury Wodonga Parklands announces the 2017 Riverina Endurance Trail Series. Riverina Endurance Trail series is split into a Long Course and Short course series this year, going back to the original days of the series and offering what we believe will be something for everyone!

The Long Course Series.

This series consists of 3 events.

May 28th - Huon Hill - 13.8km

2nd July - McFarlanes Hill - 18.5km

30th July - Albury Ranges - 30km

As you can see the series increases in distance at each stop - challenging runners to train hard and run hard. The distances are very recoverable from and should fit into any training calendar or be a great stand alone run to test your fitness.

Points are awarded to runners who finish in the top 10 of each male and female and are added together to find a series winner. There are great cash prizes for the overall winners.


The short course is a great series for those more suited to speed rather than endurance, or those starting out new to the trails, or those juniors who want to mix it up on the trails. The courses are shorter than the long course but still challenging and a fun run in the bush to be shared with friends or family.

The short course series consists of 3 events:

May 28th - Huon Hill - 6km

2nd July - McFarlanes Hill - 5km

30th July - Albury Ranges - 10-12km(to be confirmed)

This series is focused on running for fun and competing against your age group. Points are awarded to runners who finish in the top 3 of each male and female AGE Group and are added together to find a series winner for each age group! There are great sponsor prizes for the overall age group winners.